A while

Yeah it has been a long while that i have not said a single thing, way too long.

I suppose that the reason I haven’t said much its because 1. I forgot and 2. there is not a lot going on in my life.

I suppose I will just say whatever is in my mind right now. I finished a course I was doing in fashion almost a year ago now, and have been looking for work, sadly I haven’t been so lucky. I’m trying to still figure out what I really want since even though I do and keep applying for fashion jobs nothing comes up, I know what you may think why not some other job? Well where I am right now there isn’t much you could apply to.

Relationship wise is all going great, even though he is in another country right now and it makes me so sad, but everything will get better soon. We have been together for almost 5 years now, wishing that someday soon he would pop the question. I think like almost every girl I dream about my wedding day.

Well that is what has consumed my time, looking for jobs. I know this is short and maybe no one would read this hehe but I suppose I do it mostly for myself, to let out in words what goes through my mind, and just share things that I know a lot of the people I know are not as interested. Anyways that is all I have about this, is more like a new intro for the year that has passed and now I am going to start again.


I you read this thanks and I hope you like me sharing


I apologise for my absence, after my last post I got really busy with school work that I completely forgot to update, plus I just had my easter holiday and I tried to spend it away from my laptop and from my phone to spend sometime with the boyfriend :) after this post I will go back to my usual writings :)
Thanks for reading

Bad News

I think there is nothing worse than finding out that someone has died, especially if its some one you know, well there is never a nice way to let people know and it hits you hard. I just found out today that a friend of mine died, I hope he finds his way and that he is in a better place now, but what about the people he left behind? His mother is devastated and the worse thing is that she is on the other side of the world. Our school had a little gathering confirming the news, there is this air of sadness around that even the teachers can’t stand it. But I guess that’s the way life works, you just have to deal with it and keep moving on…

creative block

Hasn’t it happened to you that when you don’t need it an amazing idea comes to mind but when you try to remember you forget, or when you want to be creative with something but nothing comes to mind…It is really frustrating because at this moment in time I need to come up with a good idea that will stay with me for a very long time. But instead I just stare at the screen for hours and nothing, I need to freshen my mind, I NEED to come up with something that will represent me and that will show me, I thought it was going to be easy and now…creative block just when I didn’t need it…
Thanks for reading


I have been thinking a lot of what people call home, What is home? I have lived in various places and I have never found somewhere I can call home and sometimes I wonder why. Then I realised home is where the heart is and my home are two people that I just cant stand being away from. Its like a little piece of my heart is being pulled away when I have to say goodbye for a while, it feels like there is something missing in your life or that when you live away from them, where ever you are living doesn’t feel right, its not the place to be, you never feel comfortable with anything and you never know why you are feeling down. Its quite depressing to be honest, to feel like you are on the verge of tears because you are missing someone so much it hurts to be away from them.
Just thought I’d share.
Thanks for reading.


Well, I’m here and I still think its weird for me to be here. So now that I here spending time with my boyfriend I wanted to say, What makes a long distance relationship work? I will tell you in my own opinion what makes since I am in one and believe it or not we have been together for 3 years and 8 months. I believe that communication is everything even in a normal relationship too, if you don’t feel comfortable about talking about anything with your partner then you will never understand each other and that leads to a break-up. My boyfriend and I are best friends, we talk about everything, and of course like any other couple we have our arguments but we always end up solving them like the mature people we are, but what makes this works more than anything is that we trust each other. Trust is the most important thing because if I didn’t trust him I would be thinking all the time that he would go out and flirt with other girls but I know he wouldn’t and the same goes for him.
So whoever says long distance relationships don’t work its a lie because depends on the couple that are in it.
Thank you for reading.


I’m going on Holidays, to visit my boyfriend. Its going to be the first time that I will go visit him rather than he visiting me, so I am rather excited. I am going for just a week and of course I will keep writing now that I have gotten into a habit of writing again. So lets talk about holiday locations, what would be the perfect holiday location? Me personally would love to go to Maldives, of course with my special someone given that its a romantic location. I guess that if I wanted to go to a fun location I would choose somewhere in the USA not pretty sure where exactly I guess I would have to look deeper into it. I think a place I would like to visit would be Angel Falls I don’t know why but I find it an interesting location. Another place I would like to visit is Australia, I would like to go to Sydney and to the great barrier reef. Venice also sounds like a nice location, but one of the main reasons I would like to go to Venice is so I could go on a gondola.
Who knows maybe someday I will be able to visit the places I would like to see.
Thanks for reading


What is your opinion on friends? I mean of course everyone has at least one friend but what do you think? I have some friends but I don’t have a friend that has been constant through my childhood, I do have one from the beginning of high school but it has been 4 years since I have seen her in person. There have been other friends that pretend to like you just to take advantage of you, I would know I had a few of those which makes me really sad, there are other friends that you spent amazing times with them but the moment you move they forget you exist by trying to ignore you which is really depressing.

What is friendship? What makes two people be friends for a long time?
Caring for each other, honesty, trustworthiness, loyalty and unconditional acceptance. A friendship should make both people in the relationship happy; both people should have fun when they spend time together. People can clash very easily, which is why it’s hard for some to maintain a friendship. It’s possible that friendship can exist between two people at one stage of life, but life changes and personal growth may make friendship impossible at another stage. It can be hard to meet the people who would make the perfect friend. But this is what I think about it.

First Words

I really dont know what to talk about so I am just going to keep writing whatever comes to mind. My mind right now is busy busy busy with a colour pallete for a project and its driving me crazy because I have to be careful of what I match together otherwise it could be a total disaster. But anyways apart from that it seems that there is nothing much going on at the minute, I just hope that even though I just started this someone out there reads it so I dont feel like I am talking to myself, its not nice really feeling alone don’t you think? I believe that would be one of my worst fears, knowing that I am alone in the world, thankfully I have family and friends but I wonder about other people. Anyways what else can I say? I dont think I have a lot in mind so I guess Im going to stop writing now and hopefully next post has a reason and not just mind storming but anyways thanks for reading.

Hello world!

Welcome to my blog, and this is my first post ever and the first time I actually have just a blogging page, I used to own a website where I would put up stories, poems and some photography but I closed it since I realised the things I was writing did not really go with anything that I am now and well it is all different.

Here I just plan to share with everyone random thoughts that go through my mind or stuff that I do, so this is just a welcoming message to whoever is reading and thanks for reading by the way.